The first Man on Earth

Adam is my brother, he is 12 and has autism, ADHD, PECA and other learning disabilities. 
When I was 3 my mother told me that i was going to have a new brother or sister. I spent nights wishing about dressing my little sister up and doing her hair and make up. So, when i went to the hospital and looked down at the alien-like thing lying in the basket i was mad. I was so so angry at my mother. He just stared at me with the same big eyes as he does today. 
I would get up at half past five in the morning, place him carefully in his highchair, tie his bib around his neck and feed him breakfast. Then we would cuddle, play and do everything that little children do. He looked at me and said “Mum”. After years of him saying “mi” hearing him say a real, English word at the age of five was incredible. 
Seven years later and he is in a specialist school and everyday is an adventure with him. Even as i am writing this now, he is arguing about how he wants to make his own Blog about  the Rolling Stones and my little, 7 year sister, Morgan begs for his attention.

To me, apart from my father, he was the first man on Earth.